Seated Calf Stretch - Knee

In this video Alex is demonstrating a Seated Calf Stretch using the Vive PROFlex Strap.  This is 2-in-1 leg lifter and exercise strap is helpful in getting your leg on/off the bed, as well as assisting with exercises before and after surgery.  (Disclosure -- Vive PROFlex Strap was designed by Cindy, PT with Adaptive Equipment Corner for her knee and hip clients:)

  • Sitting on a bed, in a recliner with the leg rest up, in a chair with your heel propped on a coffee table or another chair or sitting forward in a chair with the leg out straight, heel resting on the floor
  • Open the PROFlex in the "U" shaped position
  • Place the foot loop over your foot
  • Relax your ankle Letting your arms do the work, gently pull back, pulling the foot toward your body
  • Hold for 30 seconds
  • Perform 2-3 repetitions Repeat on opposite side

Vive PROFlex Strap (2-in-1 leg lifter/exercise strap)

This exercise can be performed with a sheet or long belt as well.