Home Safety Tool Kit Introduction

How to Use the Home Safety Tool Kit:

#1.  Is your loved-one retuning home in the next 1-3 days?

YES:   Start with the Quick Start Guide (see Downloadable Resources Tab below)

NO:     Start with the Home Safety Checklist (proceed to question #2)

#2. Is your loved-one returning home within the next 1-2 weeks?

YES: Follow the directions here ⤵️

  1. Download and print out the Home Safety Checklist from Downloadable Resource Tab below 
  2. Walk through house checking for areas of concern within each Home Zone. (Checkmark concerns on print out)
  3. Once walk-thru is done, return to Home Safety Tool Kit Series on computer  
  4. When a NO box has been checked, click on the corresponding Home Zone number for the VIDEO links and/or Equipment links to learn how to adress concerns in that zone

Home Zone Key:

    • 1=Home Entrance
    • 2=Living Room
    • 3=Kitchen
    • 4=Stairway
    • 5=Bedroom
    • 6=Bathroom
    • 7=General Safety Tips

No: Talk to the facility discharge planner about making plans for your loved-one's return home. 


#3. When should I start planning for my loved-one's discharge from a healthcare facility?

  • Discharge planning should begin on the day of admission


Note:  The Home Safety Checklist & the Equipment Index are interactive documents. Clicking on video links or equpment links will direct the viewer to additional videos or equipment details, respectively

?Don't forget: check COMMENTS tab below each video for links to featured equipment & any additional information


Who would benefit from using the Home Safety Tool Kit?

  • Anyone coming home from the hospital or healthcare facility
  • Anyone having an upcoming surgery
  • Anyone with a decline in function


How does the Home Safety Tool Kit help?

  • Helps prepare ahead of time for an improved transition home
  • Helps improve safety and function in the home
  • Helps to reduce fall risk


What is included in the Home Safety Tool Kit?

  1. Home Safety Checklist
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Equipment Index
  4. Videos for instruction/demonstration 


 *All equipment links found in this series are Amazon Affiliate links.