Cindy is demonstrating and reviewing the most common Lateral Hip Precautions

1. Do Not actively move the surgical leg out away from the body. This includes sidestepping, getting in/out of the bed, shower or car.  A leg lifter can be used as an option for self assist of your surgical leg.

2. Do Not turn the toes/leg on the surgical side outward. Use caution not to plant and pivot on the surgical leg when turning with the walker.  Always pick up the feet and turn with the walker.

3.  Do Not cross the legs.  While sitting in a chair, do not cross the legs at the knees or ankles, while lying in bed, do not cross the legs at the ankles.

Most hip precautions remain in place at least 12 weeks, but that can vary depending on the surgery and surgeon.  Hip precautions can vary as well, so be sure to consult with your surgeon on the hip precautions and any special or additional instructions that may apply to your surgery.

If you have questions regarding you hip precautions, please be sure to consult with your physical or occupational therapist.