An Introduction to Hip Precautions

Cindy gives an introduction to Orthopedic Hip Precautions.  Hip precautions are put into place to avoid increased pressure in the area of the healing tissues and to avoid the potential of dislocating the new hip after surgery.  Hip precautions are labeled for the area of incision and the surgical technique used to enter the joint during surgery.

Posterior- back of the hip 
Anterior- front of the hip
Lateral- side of the hip

You may also hear Posterior Lateral or Anterior Lateral

The Hip Precaution videos have been divided up into 3 general categories:


with a description of the most commons precautions in each category.

Hip precautions are usually in place for at least 12 weeks, but this can vary.  Hip precautions and surgical procedures can vary as well.  Please consult with your surgeon and physical or occupational therapist regarding the hip precautions and any special instructions that apply to your surgery in order to make sure your are viewing the appropriate video and/or videos.

On your return home, make sure to have a good place to sit, preferably with arm rests in order to allow your arms to assist your good leg when standing.  Do not sit on any surface that places your hips below your knees.

Be sure to assess the bathroom toilet height and safe areas for push off for your hands.

Avoid using toilet paper holders, towel bars, pedestal sinks or sinks mounted to the wall without a base for areas of push off.

Again, make sure to consult with your surgeon or physical therapist on what hip precautions apply to you.