TOILET Hip Install & Use Bedside Commode Frame

Cindy is demonstrating how to install and use a bedside commode over the toilet. Some bedside commodes are advertised as 3-in-1 bedside commodes. This refers to the ways in which a bedside commode can be used: at bedside, over the toilet for a raised toilet seat (due to adjusting height) and over the toilet as toilet safety rails, in which the majority of them can be used. Some individuals use a bedside commode in place of a shower chair if space in the shower allows. The back rest bar on most bedside commodes can typically be removed by wing nuts or push pins in order to position the bedside commode further back over the toilet. Be sure the bedside commode comes with a splash guard for use over the toilet. Always distribute even weight through both hands when getting up and down from the toilet.

Drive Medical Bedside Commode
• Arm width inside 18”, outside 22.5”
• 350# weight limit
• Seat dimensions 15” D x 13.5" W x 16.5-22.5” H
see product link for further product details