TUB / SHOWER: Using a Tub Transfer Bench - Knee

Cindy is demonstrating how to transfer in/out of a tub shower using a bathtub transfer bench and leg lifter.  This tub transfer bench is a good option after knee surgery in order to improve safety with bathing, not having to step over the side of the tub to enter the shower. A hand held shower is another good item to assist in safety and independence while bathing.  Be sure to measure from the bathroom floor to the top edged of the side of the tub. If your tub is taller than normal, extension legs are available.  It is also recommended to have 1/2 inch adjustment heights on the legs for improved leveling of the bench.  Be sure to consult with your surgeon on when you can return to taking a shower after surgery. If you are considering using a shower chair in your tub, please consult with your OT/PT to review safety/technique for your specific circumstances.

**Reminder:  Knee replacements can typically still bend at the hips

Drive Medical Tub Transfer Bench

 • Seat Dimensions 18.5-19.5”(D) x 26”(W) x 
 • Outside Legs 23”(D) x 32”(W)
 • 400# weight limit
see product link for further product details

Vive PROFlex Strap (2-in-1 leg lifter/exercise strap)https://amzn.to/2zMcSFQ

see product link for further details

Leg Lifter Strap by Vive
https://amzn.to/2rnKlhR   see product link for further product details

Carex Bath Transfer Bench Extension Legs
https://amzn.to/2GQhAmy  see product link for further product details