TIP: Using Shower Curtain with Tub Transfer Bench - Hip

How to Use a Shower Curtain with a Tub Transfer Bench to Minimize Water on the Floor.

Using a bathtub transfer bench is a safe way to get in and out of the bathtub, but it can make a mess and be dangerous when water from the shower splashes out on the floor.

In this quick tip video, Cindy shows how to use an inexpensive shower curtain to decrease the amount of water on the floor when using a bathtub transfer bench.

By cutting the shower curtain in a "v" it will allow the user of the tub bench to feed the flap into the slit in the seat, encourage the outer flaps to fall/hang inward around the seat, thereby keeping more of the water in the tub. The "v" cut will also allow non-transfer bench users the ability to clip the two bigger pieces of the cut curtain together thereby keeping water inside the tub.  This of course will not prevent all water from escaping the tub.  Be sure to place a towel below the tub bench on the outside of the tub to catch any water and to prevent any safety issue arising from a wet floor.