TIP: Increasing Chair Height Using Platform Riser - Knee

Cindy is demonstrating the use of a home made platform riser. This can be a good option to help adapt the height of a favorite chair or recliner in order to make it easier/safer to get up and down from a chair due to weakness or post knee or hip replacement surgery.


  • 3/4 " plywood
  • 2x4s
  • 1x1 trim
  • wood screws
  • rubber shelf liner

Measure to the outside of the width and depth of the base or legs of the chair.  Be sure to add the additional length each direction to accommodate for the trim piece, which will frame the top platform.

This platform will provide approximately 4 inches of additional height to the chair.  The 1x1 trim was used to frame the top of the platform in order to prevent the chair from sliding off of the platform.  Use rubber shelf liner as needed on top of the platform to help keep the chair from sliding on the platform and beneath the platform, depending on the floor surface, in order to keep the platform from sliding on the floor.