DRESSING: Using a Sock Aid - Knee

A sock aid is used when you have limitations with bending at your trunk to bend down to put your socks on or bring your foot up towards you to put your sock on.

Follow these easy instructions when using a sock aid

  1. Take your sock aid and place it in your lap in between your legs or up against your belly with the basin facing down toward your legs.
  2. Place your sock on your sock aid making sure the heel of the sock is on the bottom of the sock aid.
  3. Slide the sock onto the sock aid, pulling the sock up the basin so that you have a nice opening for your toes. MAKE SURE NOT TO PULL THE SOCK UP PAST THE STRINGS.
  4. Drop your sock aid down onto the floor while holding onto the strings. If it feels that your strings are too long you can wrap them around your hands.
  5. Put the sock on by sliding your foot inside of the sock aid and point your toes all the way towards the tip of the sock aid.
  6. Then pull the strings up and towards your body.

If you need to reposition your sock for more comfort you can use a reacher or a dressing stick.

RMS Original Sock Aid: https://amzn.to/2ldzD87 (affiliate link)