An Introduction to Knee Pre and Post Surgical Exercises

In the following videos, Alex will be demonstrating typical exercises which are used for both Total Hip and Total Knee replacement surgeries.  A combination of these exercises are often used prior to surgery for increasing strength and range of motion as well as after surgery for regaining strength and range of motion. A printable version of these exercises  (labeled Total Hip & Knee Exercises) are available on your dashboard under the Resource Tab. Because not all of these exercises are used in every situation, take your printout with you when you consult with your physical therapist and/or surgeon, marking which of theses exercises are appropriate for you BOTH before and after surgery, because the combination of exercises may change. Consult with them as well on the appropriate repetitions and sessions per day. Always consult with your physician for clearance prior to starting any type of exercise program.  If you begin to experience pain and/or have an increase in pain during any of the exercises, STOP and consult with your physician.  These exercises can be performed on the bed or on the floor, though we do not recommend the floor post surgery and/or if you are generally unable to get down to/up from the floor.