CAR: In & Out - Knee

Cindy is demonstrating how to get in/out of the car after a total knee replacement.

**Be sure to have assistance and use a gait belt**

Some individuals may choose to use the back seat, sliding straight back across the seat so that the legs are resting on the seat.  This will take good arm strength to be able to get into the car this way.  When getting into the front seat, have the seat pushed back as far a possible to assist in getting the legs into the car. Caregivers may lay the seat back for additional room to scoot back into the car for taller individuals. 

Turn with the walker and back up to the car seat until you feel the car at the back of your leg. Keep the surgical leg forward, reach back with at least one hand (consider using a car assist handle for improved hand placement and assist) lower yourself onto the seat of the car.  Caregiver needs to help watch your head and hold the walker as needed for additional support. Scoot back into the car as your caregiver assists with your surgical leg into the car.

When coming out of the car, turn your body, having your caregiver assist your surgical leg out of the car.  Scoot forward to the edge of the car seat.  Keep the surgical leg forward, push up with your hands and good leg to stand, getting assistance from your caregiver as needed by holding the walker and/or helping you up by use of the gait belt, placing one hand on the walker at a time, returning to standing.


Car Assist Handles

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